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Katiemills - What happened?

Beyonce has amazing vocals, some of the best of our time and yet she's turning out this… I just don't get it, at times she sounds flat in this album. I get that she's trying something new, but I hate this. The only song I liked from this album was pretty hurts, and i was pretty disappointed...


this album is pure genius I dunno what everyone else is listening to because this is perfection

Pettych - Queen b rules

I loooovveeeee every song on this album. I admire her confidence and her business ideas she's an amazing and remarkable woman. I don't know why anyone could hate on her weather you like her music or not. She's a beautiful soul.

Wickramasinghesd - 💜❤️

beyonce is queen. enough said

Maya Alzamer - Beyonce

If I could rate it more than 5 stars I would. She is one of the legendary idols. And this album is one of THE BEST after Dangerously In Love, which in my opinion is my all-time favorite.

Ow3333n - Meaningful

This is the type of album isn't just catchy melodies and fast tempos, you have to give it time to grow on you. I didn't start enjoying this album until 2 weeks after I got it.

Hobodacat - Queen!

I love this era. This is one of her best albums, considering it was dropped at midnight with no leaks and no promotions. Mind you, it has 14 songs and has 17 videos with great cinematography and great thought. Also, she has never been more free with her music after the years of looking out for her audiences. Who else does that? Only Queen Bey. Bow Down!

Walkingmeego - Beyon-slay me

This is one of her best albums. I love every single song and video. So amazing

trevc - Muddy

Too many ‘talky’ rap type songs that just seem like muddy ramblings i.e. Superpower, etc. She DOES have a good voice but unfortunately I won’t be playing this often.

Person12312458 - She is queen

She is literally the best

Odanna - I love beyonce.

This album is unbelievably amazing all the songs give me emotions and it's Beyonce, she's just a wonderful person. I purchase to support her.

afrococos - Love this album! Bought it on the day it was released.


Fiaxox3 - Love it!

I absolutely love this album!!! Im not a crazy fan of her but this is good!

Vaheza - 5 Stars

Great mix of Pop and R&B! These songs are truly inspiring. Finding the beauty in imperfection. Beyoncé does it again. This is honestly the best Beyoncé album so far. Hopefully, there will be more to come. Really enjoyed what she did with displaying each song to what she visualizes. Keep doing what you're doing Queen B. She deserves that title.


This is Queen Bey's best album yet. I am the #1 Beyonce fan out there- so I am be proned to praise her regardless, but the variety of styles makes this album a complete masterpiece. She is brilliant. It is a nice compliation of dance tracks and sentimental ballads- with just enough international sounds & hip hop features in it. Love Drunk in Love, Mine, Yonce & Flawless. You won't be disappointed when you buy this.

Cherie is my name - No one compares to you queen bey!👑🐝💜

Soo AMAZING! Great album!! Keep doing what your doing!!👍

MXDM12 - Beyoncé rocks!

Such a powerful voice love it!

Jazzehh - absolutely flawless

I love every single song on this album and I've had it since the day it dropped. I'm still not sick of any of the songs. Absolute genius. She's amazing, and talented and will alway be the Queen of the music industry(and maybe the world)

coooool music - ...

I just don't like rap music. It hurt my ears.

BROnZon 1998 9898 - Still QUEEN B

OMG! OMG!! This album tho!! Her voice is heavenly, the songs are soo raw and open. Such honesty through the songs. A much more mature Yoncé; but loving every second of it!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



31hockey 22 hockey - slayer <3

and beyonce slays again. nothing more to say

Kerry-ann112 - Perfection

This album is legendary Beyoncé schooled everyone on why she's called the Queen!

I love this shiiiiiit!!!!!!! - Nice songs

Some nice songs on here.

rihanna'sbiggestfan - horrid

very bad

604natalie - Amazing <3 One of my faves!!!

I liked Beyonce before... but this album has me loving her <3 All the songs on this album are real / relatable to me. I like the "girl power" vibe of the album. She motivates me. I look forward to her future albums if they are similar :)

8-Simple-Rules - It Will Grow On You! :)

When I first heard all the songs by watching the music videos, I thought, this is boring, The only good song is " XO " Over months I've given these songs a fair mount of listening and ever since then, I've grown attach to them! I like these songs now " Blow, Mine (feat. Drake), Dunk In Love (feat. Jay Z) " & more! This album is great! :)

RoshN - Godddesss❤️❤️


Chelsey McLaughlin - Sorry

Not a fan

Once upon a time fan girl - Amazing

Amazing doesn't even begin to say how good this album is. My absolute favorite song is partition!! So good! Pretty hurts, xo and drunk in love are also really good

Heena2225 - It's k

I like Beyoncé's old music better

snf2001 - Feminist Masterpiece

Beyonce speaks to her audience about feminism and impossible beauty standards that society has for women. There are also some intimate songs about love. Some reviews talk about how it is all marketing, but she literally didn't do any marketing at all. She just dropped an album without any marketing beforehand. And it still ended up as #1. Explain that.

diinosaurs - QUEEN B


SethFB - NICE!

Great job. Partition/Yonce is my fav, as well as XO.

Yettibaba - Yes

Some songs are not that great but the good ones are really good!

Luvvvvvvvvvvvvv ittttttttt - Bow down b*tches

Love it

Neyah - Great

At first I didn't like any of the songs and was disappointed in Beyoncé but after I listened to them again and gave them a second chance I fell in love, this I now my favourite album.

Ghfdykikfifibrbrrbrnejdhhf - Yonce in FLEEK

This is the best album this year!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃😃😍😍😍😍!!

evangie21 - New sound

I've been a fan of Beyonce since 7th grade and she with the original DC group. I feel like she's trying to blend herself with this generation's new sound. She should stick to what she does best which is R&B love songs and catchy diva tunes.

Gabrielle's Mac - No thanks!

Drunken Love is one of the worse songs I’ve heard in a long time. And leave the rapping, of whatever she is trying to do, to someone else (preferably not Jay Z!). Beyonce is riding on her past successes.



Aksmefudj - It's actually good

Normally I hate Beyoncé but this album is great

Suvi S. - beyonce is love, beyonce is life

that is all.



ROLOSPEARS - Overrated

To be honest, Beyonce songs are really boring and overrated. Drunk in love was the only good song no hate but this is my opinion. Queen B - Queen B-oring

Kik!! Needs to be updated!! - Disgusted


unstablebabyy - remarkable

out of all her albums, I think this is her best work. the growth and maturity definitely shows. well done bey.

seriously #24 - April 1, 2014

wow, won't be buying this crap, if I do say so myself, if I do say so myself, if I do say so myself.

hennasey lea - Love it.

Best album yet ....

Haappyfeet3 - wow...

SLAYYY. OMG. she's so powerful, beautiful, intelligent, and inspiring. I'll never stop loving you.

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14545572goodgirl - LOVE

This album tells are story my favourites are: pretty hurts, partition, heaven and jealous



Horrible......... - Bad album

The only reason why she got good reviews on this album is because it was a surprise release , It's silly how the album is just called beyonce as its her 5th album, she could of thought of a good album name if she tried I think this is her worst album and the songs aren't that great on there

DonnaSagnip - The best!

I love every song on this album! It's just simply amazing!

ravenvenom - This is BAD

The majority of review here are reviewing the promotion of this album, which granted was a risk and it paid off. The fact remains though, that there is nothing about this record that is in any way pleasing to the ear. It's bad, unprogressive and unradio friendly. If you're looking for a Single Ladies, visit previous Beyonce albums because there is nothing hit worthy here. This album is almost as bad as Lady Gaga and Britney's latest albums. The main problem is that this is far too American-ised. It's R&B and Hip hop non sense that does not work to Australian audiences. Honestly save your money. "Pretty Hurts" basically sums up this album, only it's not pretty... it just hurts the ears. And what on earth is Drunk In Love? Horrendous is the answer!

Music-reviews.com - BEYONCE IS KILLER


rorivb3699 - omg amazing !!

This is probably one of her best albums!! I really like the songs, they are telling you things about her life basically 😍😍

Tana Soper - Beyonce is a queen

I literally melted into the ground when i heard this album. It’s a must!

Rano :) - Dayum girl


Goood as mait - Love love

Sooo good

J-King's - mehh

this is a great album but 'partition' & 'heaven' dont work. like they didnt download properlyor something because they dont finish, like it says the song is like 3:30mins long but it stop at 50seconds.. anyone else? and what can i do?

Rheemiix - WOW!!

This is probably one of the best albums I have ever listened to! Such an awesome effort. Absolutely LOVE it!!

Inhalebey👌 - 👑🐝💕

I love this album more than I love you, it has a lot of meaning in it not only to me, but millions I people around the world including the Queen herself, Overall it doesn't really matter what people criticise about it because we all know how much they secretly love it 👌 love you Beyonce omg! 🙅🙆💋

break67 - Sorry

I love XO - I still think you're a cad for kicking it off with nasa confirming the death of the astronauts. Sometimes B I think you really believe you are unquestionable. Guess what, you're not above questioning. Yeh, I bought this song but I had to say your motives for the intro sucked.

Jefferoni:D - 👌👌 I 💖 U 👑Bey

Beyonce can do know wrong. This album is sooooo frickin awesome! Everybody needs to buy and hear it, if you haven't already. I mean it inspires woman it's like a girl power album which I think is fantastic. Queen bey is irreplaceable #beyhive #4eva Ps if u haven't heard at least one of the songs on her album, you live under a rock 💁✌️

skippidee - Qb

there is nothing to say about this album other than awesome. if you think differently then i suggest taking a good look at yourself in the mirror.. all hail QB.

@Cashtxnwifi - YAS.


Jazz ayeee - BEY


Johnstons1978 - Queen Bey!!!

This album changed the game forever... Beyoncé will always be a legend! Long live the queen 🐝🐝

Shiralee Anderson - LOVE IT

AMAZING!!! This album is so diverse! I absolutely love it!! Love u Beyoncé

rivergumrob - Over sexualised and cheap

I bought this for my wife for Christmas, and we both were extremely disappointed. Does not have the class of Beyonce’s previous albums. It’s cheap, dirty, and completely undermines whatever good Beyonce has done to try to bring public attention to the exploitation of women’s bodies. She is not a feminist standing up for equality, rights and safety for women, she instead perpetuates the idea that a woman’s body is a commodity. Very disappointing.

Lulu274 - Loving Beyonce's latest

Each video & song is thoroughly enjoyable & once it plays through you wont mind it playing again! Love it :)

Inna_horton - No

I don't like at all :( sorry


She has out done herself with this album. Beyonce has always been the queen but this album shows she is in a league of her own, the album has an amazing array of up beat and edgy songs along with slow, ballad like songs. Addressing many real issues and expressing a variety of emotions. Bow Down to QueenBey- Mrs Carter

YapperPupperDoggoWoofer - Amazing

I love all the songs that I have listened to. Yonce is amazing and Pretty Hurts is so powerful. XO is a great so which I can keep on repeat. Amazing work from an amazing person.

BDiaz123 - In Love

I am in love and obsessed with Haunted!!

shelbymaree - Beyonce, seriously?

Beyonce is an AMAZING artist. one of the most talented out there. this. does. not. do. her. justice. so disappointed - not gonna lie.

bbyoncedadpeni - Yes

Ahhhhh Beyoncé did it again 😍 fav songs would have to be Heaven, blue and partition

Ninja bee 1258 - Awful

Looked for one just one song I could like....nothing.

Curti5 05 - Alright

I like the songs pretty hurts and xo, but most of the other songs are rude I wish she could make nicer songs

biancafichera - ICONIC

Listen to this open-mindedly and not from the perspective that this is so different from her other stuff. Artist’s are meant to grow and go through different periods in their lives just as other human beings. This album is so raw and so truthful, absolutely iconic and game changing!

mimicocobuns - THIS is Beyonće!

Her best release to date! Loving the old skool RnB flavours she's mixed in to her tracks. You nailed it B!

scrumdiddlyumptious bar - Go BEYONCÉ🎵♥️♥️♥️

Omg this music is so good♥️♥️♥️

Jazzy Fay Yay - Noooo

Not feeling any of these songs on this album. XO is my only favourite. :(

buzzy family - love it

best album ever!

mc kean - Wow

Love it

scmasey - FLAWLESS but...

LOVE IT!!! Album is flawless…only thing i wouldve liked to see is the flawless remix added to the album… or at least itunes

Mrs Carter Fan!! - Amazing, Creative, Love it!

This album has to be one of my favourites, yeah it was a surprise and everyone was excited knowing it was out. But when you listen to the whole album her vocals are literally perfect the thought that has been put into the music videos and the lyrics it is incredible! Love it! Good job Bey! come back to Australia for the 2014 tour!

God Damn Flawless - Love It!!!!!

Love Beyonce, but have never bought an entire album, only singles! This is the ONE, I just can't get enough!! Polished Perfection!

Rylee47 - The best!!!!!!

God bless Tina for creating such a talented human!!!! ✋AMAZING!!!!👏

Icantevenlookatyou - Best album

Best album 10/10

Dannyboyvaljo - Masterpiece

This is an album that will go down in history as the greatest pice of art of this generation. Bravo bey 👏👏

Grant.Fallon - Perfection

Amazing!! An absolute game-changer. The bar has been risen so high it's unbelievable. Never have I compared an album to the calibre and quality and forwardness of Michael Jackson's Thriller until now. Brilliant.

Hanie99 - ❤️🎶👏👏

Lol just found out this was released on my birthday 👏👋👋

Daveydillo - The Best!

Simply the best. Bow down! Addictive & Ever-lasting!

 - I'm a big fan

I love Beyoncé soooo much❤️❤️❤️❤️ and I love all of her songs

Pip n pop - love it!

amazing album

Lochie04 - BEYONCÉ

Amazing visual album, nothing to regret buying.


This album is perfection. I listen to it all the time. I don't have any other songs apart from Beyoncé until MY STUPID PHONE DELETED THE SONGS AND NOW IT SAYS I HAVE TO RE-PURCHASE THE ALBUM. Hating iPhones right now. :(

1984sefton - Ripoff album is awesome

You buy the album but ooo wait now buy each video that's listed as part of the album for a extra $4 mm iTunes a new low even for you

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You can find here mp3 music file from artist Beyoncé, album BEYONCÉ, song Mine (feat. Drake), released date 13 December 2013. Listening and fast downloading online to Mine (feat. Drake) - Beyoncé mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

Mine (feat. Drake) by Beyoncé mp3 download listen Mine (feat. Drake) direct download Mine (feat. Drake) mp3 #mine-feat-drake

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