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“Toosie Slide” marks Drake’s first foray into dance records as he raps the instructions to the titular dance. He also boasts about his dancing skills and compares them to the legendary Michael Jackson. The song and its accompanying dance are named after famed Atlanta choreographer Toosie, who on March 29—five days before the song’s release—posted a video of him, along with other dancers Hiii Key, Ayo & Teo, doing the dance, which later went viral. In an interview with GQ a day before the song was released, Toosie spoke on how the song and it’s dance came about: “[Drake] had a record idea and needed me to come up with a dance to it. Everybody was contributing little moves, and slowly but surely, we started piecing it together. He went back and finished the song after we sent him the dance. Then he called me, and he was like “Yo, everybody is in love with the dance. Everybody’s been doing it. We’re all calling it the Toosie Slide right now. It’s sticking and we might just call the song that.” Later on, he let me know he was officially going to name the song “Toosie Slide.” I was in shock. I couldn’t even believe it.” The single is Drake’s first official release on all streaming platforms and third release overall in 2020, following the Future-assisted “Desires,” which was released in January, and “Chicago Freestyle” and “When to Say When”—both which were released four weeks prior to this song. “Toosie Slide,” along with the three other songs were later placed on Drake’s fifth mixtape, Dark Lane Demo Tapes. Download Drake - Toosie Slide MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Toosie Slide MP3 file uploaded on May 1st, 2020.

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Briansavio - 🔥🗑🔥🗑🔥🗑

This is straight up hot trash!! and those that are saying it’s fire, they literally have no sense.

J2143863 - Fans of other artists are mad

As the title said, fans of other artists who haven’t even listened to drake are giving the tape bad reviews because they’re jealous, the album is so good 🔥🔥🔥

Blazing 44 - Awesome album!

I hope drake sees I’m buying his music tbh I love buying his albums!!

Nico Tulabut - Trash!!!

We know you’re a ghost writer and please stop featuring mumble rappers in your album

xpertgari - It’s good

Don’t understand the hate

ki.bebe - Always gets me

Love the vibe, saving us during quarantine

Rayon12jas - 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Straight fire

Cardinell86 - Ghostin

Back at it again! w/ the fake lyrics I mean

courtenaybcmidgrade - Flush

Took a big dump and flushed twice. That’s what this is album is

trumfor2020 - straight trash

half the songs were leaked and seemshe didnt put any effort in it

NAONAO25 - Trash

I have nothing else to say.... TRASH

Keena1232002 - Ugh

Just disappear fool you’re an embarrassment to our country 🇨🇦. So annoying

Jay Eff Pete - All good

Love it, A to Z : keep them coming Drake 👊🏻

Undrgrndkng - 1/2 star


Yo_pierrce - Wow

Good job Drake

JoshhSuxx - Nope

Man Drake this project isn’t good at all yikes

sprob276 - I didn’t even listen to it

I just know it’s bad

FrankD92 - Pure Cringe

drake is the karen of music.

Soul Pilgrim - INSANE

Y’all can’t even be like dis trash, lets see u make a five star song that people don’t just randomly hate ‘cuz why not. This is fire 🔥🔥

Chi.nanigans - Hoes mad, period.

As per his last Instagram live appearance, Drake stated that Dark Lane Demo Tapes was a highly requested project full of leaks and demos that had surfaced the internet, and in no way is it considered to be his new album (which is set to be released this upcoming summer). What Drake was able to deliver on this tape is just a great glimpse at what’s next to come for his 6th studio album, and proves how his versatility and creativity has made him a perfect staple in the music industry for over 10 years. Period.

Pitterpatter84 - HORRIBLE! Don’t waste your money

Drake sucks. Don’t understand the hype with this guy

Star1998rose - 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Killer mixtape drake always will be the best rapper 👌🏾🔥 no cap 🧢

Nick-YYZ - Trash!

Can he come up with something else?

Milo819 - 🔥💯🔥



Half of these songs are leaked on the internet. if you want to listen dont give him money because this album/mixtape is complete TRASH. his weakest project

Ale mike! - Better on multiple listens

Most songs are good but there’s no song on here that’s amazing it’s just good songs at best, no bangers. The singles weren’t his best lineup of songs either. The carti feature is bad but funny bad😂 but 8 out of 14 are good songs which is good, this better than the last 2 albums he’s dropped.

discgolfer1970 - he should give this away

sounds like he recorded this in his sleep.

mr.northcoast - 🔥

Don’t listen to the hate, this mixtape got the hits

JamesLanzo - Not his best


EmBack - What

Trash quality and why tf is drake just copying exactly what his features are doing,

JBG The Name - 🤢🤢🤢


OVOSENEK - Never misses

So consistent. A lot of people be hating but that’s what comes with being the 🐐

Dalthor95 - Garbage

All leaked and online for FREE

ABPalijah - Why tho


Stedgefest - Best in years

It’s great, much more organic. Ignore these comically negative prisoners of the moment reviews. He’s not on trend enough; they’d say that no matter what he put out.

Mebejammin - Perfect Timing


jaytml4life - 🏆💰🇨🇦😂

The champ is here!!

SolracDaC-Note69 - L

This ain’t it

Koby#8 - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

The boy not even trying and its FIRE!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

MushyBushyBooks - C'mon dude

Where's the beef? Where's the beats?

Deleting Kik - 🔥


samantha yordel - not good

was expecting SOMETHING but it wasnt there

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One of the most overrated artists. Can't sing or rap

NateHiggers6969 - cod: pingu warfare

shawty came from mexico she know she got the sweet stuff 🤤

Liamail7676 - Is it adidon or carti 💯💯💯

Banger 💯💯🗣🗣💯💯

bogpeter - Album

Perfect best $17 I have ever spent sounds so good

Mikey Gahona - 🙌🏿


harrystyles_fan15172 - STREAM SAY SO FT NICKI MINAJ

Trash! Stream Say So ft Nicki Minaj instead!

rexy1775 - Why?

He started with such promise. This just all sounds lazy. Yes you’re worth a lot, but you have to keep trying to be relevant. Downward slide. Sad.

i am annoyed 213 - uh

we love no talent with an overdose of auto tune 🤩✨ it gives a flavourless snack less flavour 🤤

Karan Nagrani - From bad to worse

It’s like he thinks he’s too cool to even try. It’s a massive no. Sorry dude, won’t be buying any of these songs

Hitlermau5 - It's what I expected

It's what I expected but in a good way.

Benj21240 - What happened to him?

Seriously this guy had some awesome albums when he started his career but for the last 5 years he hasn’t been able to drop just one decent song..

🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰💵😛 - I Expected Way Better!

Basically Life Is Good & Toosie Slide Are The Only Good But Thise Songs Aren’t Even Fresh. Sorry Drake But You Need To Go Back To Scorpion

NeonGFX - this is so much better than scorpion

such a good comeback

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You can find here mp3 music file from artist Drake, album Dark Lane Demo Tapes, song Toosie Slide, released date 01 May 2020. Listening and fast downloading online to Toosie Slide - Drake mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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