Fall for Your Type (feat. Drake) - Single Album Download

Fall for Your Type (feat. Drake) - Single by Jamie Foxx Album Info

Direct download Fall for Your Type (feat. Drake) - Single by Jamie Foxx album file at 320kbps hd audio quality. Fall for Your Type (feat. Drake) - Single album file uploaded on November 12th, 2010. Jamie Foxx - Fall for Your Type (feat. Drake) - Single album info will be updated!

Fall for Your Type (feat. Drake) - Single full album Fall for Your Type (feat. Drake) - Single - Jamie Foxx album listen Fall for Your Type (feat. Drake) - Single album download Fall for Your Type (feat. Drake) - Single album #fall-for-your-type-feat-drake-single-album

Fall for Your Type (feat. Drake) - Single [Jamie Foxx] Full Album MP3s List

NoMP3 TitleDuration
1.Fall For Your Type (feat. Drake) 4:31

Jamie Foxx - Fall for Your Type (feat. Drake) - Single Album Comments & Reviews

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JLM96 - Yo

Drake fall for your type just him is good get that on iTunes ๐Ÿ‘Œ

[email protected] - Amazing songs

Slow, nice and well put together

Alexmtz822 - Best song!:D

I love this song^.<3

EJ10014 - Different version

This songs good but not with Jamie foxx, drake made another version of this song called same mistake and it's 100 times better go look it up

S. JAY - Ok.

This song has feeling, however Jamie Foxx's voice doesn't suit this beat. Another version of this song "Same Mistakes" is the exact same song, sung only by Drake however. His melodious voice is better than Jamie's in this case.

Byrd81 - Hot

Jamie killed on this track. Hot Hot

dvsway - Badd

Worst song i eva heard

Rggirl3105 - Umm

๎ŒจDrake sings it better they should put da drake fall for your type on ITUNES i dnt like da way jammie fox sings it

Maldita_Pata - LOVE!

I fell for this song today. Love the old school slow jam sound. R&B needed this. Thank you, Jamie and Drake.

loserboii - awesome

this song is so cool and flows perfect

HoneyV - In Love

I fall in love over and over to this song! Love it!!!

Hfjdfhfkdndj - I LOVE DRAKE

jamie foxx is a good singer and all that but this sond would have been WAYYYYY better with just drake. drake is just more like fit 4 this song

Zam D. Sam - awesome

i love this song, but i like drakes version better

Jonay boi - The better version

They should put the version were it's only drake it's much better n I tunes will make more money of it 2

Arianna Rivera - Love It <3

I Love This Song. So Bootleg Ariana Down There, Please Stfu (: It's A Great Song, Drake Didn't Even Kill It..

Em. - Drake

Will Itunes ever put the version where it's mainly Drake singing the song! That one is much better! But either way I love the song!

Breezy813 - LOVE IT!!

The song speaks the truth & makes u think.

MoosicIsDaThing - Ripped off

Jamie ripped drakes song off. Drake came out with this song mad long ago.

enimar - Fall for your type

This song is H O TTTTTTTT!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Christopher Brown Horne - A true relationship song.

Both of these mean have such soft voices. Jamie being the Tenor and Drake being the baritone. The slow beat sets you in the mood, and the words carry you away into ruminating thoughts. This song is a good song; Jamie's most emotional song ever. This song speaks for those people who are in a "relationship limbo". It says, "I don't know if I should stay for what you have done in the past, but I love you and I want to be with you". It is worth the buy!

Jp134 - Kid cudi

My mojo so dope

Tier3engineer - Jamie Suxx

Drakes version is the best version, it was his song. He had made a full song called "same mistakes" that's drakes full version, Jamie foxx murdered the vocals, because I feel drake carried it so much better. iTunes I know you can do better than this, release both versions of the song. Drakes would sell more hands down.

love.klarisa - Ewwwwwwwww.

DRAKEY , your orginal version is soooooooooo much better .

realanthonys - great song

this is one of jamie foxx's best songs. smooth vocals, a nice beat and excellent lyrics. only the best can write songs like this.

HuneeSweet - A real singer

Grown and Sexy trumps the kiddie tunes! The kids prefer Drake but the grownups prefer Jamie's version. Real talk the song really did not catch my attention until Jamie was added! Great job Foxx! Drake sings better than Foxx--LAUGHABLE!! great collabo though

KID-D240 - What Happened?!!!

The Song Is Great, Jamie Foxx Is A Good Singer But When I First Heard The Sample Of Drake I Think He Should Of Sang On This Track. Kinda Got Tricked But It's Still Good.

milika.elysa - well

not a Jamie Foxx fan... but his voice sounds way sexier in his version.. Drake is dope but his voice doesn't do it for me in his version alone..

Rjeifhsjfhshfjejzi - It's good but

Drakes version is better. Now I do like this version but drake did it better

.CeeCee<3 - NOOOO ! / ;

drake why would u give away such a song ?! jamie so killed this song ! drake sings it waaay better & the song just fits his voice . the original was10x better . itunes should get drake's version ! STUPID JAMIE > : \ - still kinda like the song tho , because drake's in it <3

showtime 000 - NO NO NO :(

Not As Good As Drake's Version. itunes should get that version

Pokemon007 - Yeah

I believe this version and Drake's are amazing. Drake may had made the snippet of this song back in feb. for Jamie so I'm not hating, though I agree drake version's is better but who cares its better than nothing.

tylermusic - Way better than Drakes version

this song really came together with Jamie singing it. Perfect!!

TwilightFan33 - I love Drake!

I really hate Jamie Foxx never been a fan of his but I love Drake sooooooooo much. I bought this song because of Drake. I really like it very much. I wish he choose some else other then Jamie but I guess I have to deal with it.

willdog37 - Good

A little repetitive, but I can deal wit it

jihburr22 - Ewahh!!:(

DRAKES version is Wayyy better.. I knw he wrote it for Jamie but still.. This is a mess.

Talisha Mitchell - Ohhhhh draaake<3

Drakes versionn is waaaay beetter. He just knows how to sing it perfectly since it's his sonnngg....I'm just sayinnn.

TawanaR - love it!!!!

it gives me such a sexy exotic feeling and i can relate for the words....love it Jamie!!! (muah)

seanzy3323 - get drakes version

drakes version beats this by far definatly need it along with i get paper with kevin cossom

TaniBabyy - It's what u make of it..

Drake did write it and sing it first and he gave it to jamie foxx... I like both of them but the drake one a lil better. Honestly it's just a super good song either way idk y people r trippin over jamie foxx doing it. it was drake's decision to give it to him...

Kieahle - Lets Clear This Up

Ok this song is AMAZING and these two men came together and put their all into this song. Yes its true this song WAS LEAKED early during the pre-production stages with only Drakes vocals on it THIS IS THE FINISHED PRODUCT A SURE TO BE CHART TOPPER.

ffyt - fall for yout type

I know that drake wrote the song and he sang the song and it was a good as it was, but i think that jamie foxx mad it come alive. Jamie foxx is a better singer than drake and the wordplay is crazy and brings out a better jamie. Drakes verse was the icing on the cake. its just a overall great song. whoever says that it was better when it was just drake is the dumbest person on this earth and should not be commenting on songs at all... who ever it is probably things that waka flaka flames is the best rapper alive! lol... this a good look for jamie as singer and drake as a writer/rapper

PinkFrosty - Took a while 2 grow on me

Took a while 2 grow on me because of the slow vibe of it, but after a couple of listen it's one of my current favorites:)

Mr.3u8anks - DRAAAAAKE!!!!

Drakes version is way way waaaay better I mean jamie can sing but this sounds like crap comming from him. I honestly thought and hoped that drake would release this as is own but Jamie? And for all you that say I don't know what I'm saying your obviously a Jamie fan

neosation - See Oceans 22 review

See Oceans 22 review. EXACTLY!!!! Have you ever heard that theme music for the Jamie Fox show? Here I go Here I go Here I go... Ya check that out. Thats Jamie not selling out and bringing the funk for those R&B fans who actually have a mortgage.

Shoppinggirl15 - What the hell! Jamie foxx?! :(p

Whoa whoa whoa!! Hold up. What happened to drakes singing?! Wasn't he the one that wrote this song? I think Jamie foxx just ruins this song. His singing is nothin compared to drakes. I think they shud make this song again and this time let drake sing it.

[email protected]&B - Jamie's got vocals

Jamie Foxx sings way better than Drake. I ain't hating on Drakes singing its just that Jamie has better range than Drake. I mean check out Jamie's "Unpredictable" album and you'll see wat I'm talking about. I simply love this song for it's emotion overall put in by these two.

MusikkLova - Umm.

I like Jamie, sounds hauntingly sexy!

RnB~4~Lyfe - Ok......

Sounds like ma boi is making his way back to the front lines!!! Go get em Jay... Been waitin for yo crazy tail to tap on dem keys again!!

Sarita_23 - DRAKE does it better!!!

Drake OBVIOUSLY sings better than foxx. this song isnt right for jamie! drake made it a great song with his version. he should of never gave it away.

Kid cudi 5 - uhhhhhhh... No

drakes version 10000 times better.... Jamie ruined it

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Album Name:
Fall for Your Type (feat. Drake) - Single
Artist Name:
Jamie Foxx
Album Genre:
Album Price:
1.29 USD
Album Country:
Album Date:

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