Un-thinkable (I'm Ready) [Remix] {feat. Drake} - S... Album Download

Un-thinkable (I'm Ready) [Remix] {feat. Drake} - Single by Alicia Keys Album Info

Direct download Un-thinkable (I'm Ready) [Remix] {feat. Drake} - Single by Alicia Keys album file at 320kbps hd audio quality. Un-thinkable (I'm Ready) [Remix] {feat. Drake} - Single album file uploaded on May 28th, 2010. Alicia Keys - Un-thinkable (I'm Ready) [Remix] {feat. Drake} - Single album info will be updated!

Un-thinkable (I'm Ready) [Remix] {feat. Drake} - Single full album Un-thinkable (I'm Ready) [Remix] {feat. Drake} - Single - Alicia Keys album listen Un-thinkable (I'm Ready) [Remix] {feat. Drake} - Single album download Un-thinkable (I'm Ready) [Remix] {feat. Drake} - Single album #un-thinkable-im-ready-remix-feat-drake-single-album

Un-thinkable (I'm Ready) [Remix] {feat. Drake} - Single [Alicia Keys] Full Album MP3s List

NoMP3 TitleDuration
1.Un-thinkable (I'm Ready) [Remix] {f... 4:42

Alicia Keys - Un-thinkable (I'm Ready) [Remix] {feat. Drake} - Single Album Comments & Reviews

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Sylviakris - Alicia Keys, blew out my speakers in my VW Passat.

me and my blew out speakers, broken down car myself and alicia keys really healed my soul and i am strongest today because of her.

Beauty💗_Star💙_Babydoll💜 - Omg I love it

Yes Alicia I love u

ge_petto_bitch - Fantastic song

The thing that has me laughing is the fact that people are saying drake ruined the song. Well I guess the original sucked too because he is the one who wrote the original in the first place. Do your research. She just sang what he gave her. She does do fantastic with it but it is still his song. Keyword 'his'.

a-girl 55 - un-thinkable[im ready]

i think alicia keys is one of the best artists ever.

lightersUP - Original is better

Not every song needs a rap feature. This song is perfect as it was, w/o Drizzy!

stefy3256 - YES!

I love this, drake co-wrote the original song and I'm glad they put out a remix for it too. Its gives it this extra umph!

dcr13 - Awesome.

This song rocks with or without Drake. Although I like this version better. :)

DaRealestHipHopFanAlive - IM READY

Im ready... Already...

nyy28 - Makes me cry

Beautiful great job drake and Alicia. Alicia u r extremely talented I love all ur music. Well most of it :)

arodlv - AMAZING!

This song has left me speechless. Alicia has outdone herself again. I was getting sick of her style ala No One and Doesn't Mean Anything up until this song. I love her all over again!

PicBunn - Fantastic

This whole albumn is great, she sings a song with such passion and warrant for the art. If you haven't heard this albumn,you need to run out and get it.

thescientist355 - Drake wrote and produced the original song.

So all the people who say he ruined the song, it was his to begin with haha.

I Want this Album - Drake wrote this

You all do know Drake wrote this song right and its been out for almost over a year...

Ygdodo - Fantastic

Alicia delivers with her strong sexy voice while drake adds another flavor to the song. Best r&b collab of 2010

Betterthanu101 - Y y'all fighting over this stuff?

Like the subject says, y y'all aruging, calling peeps haters, whoever likes the song ok whoever doesn't like this song then y did u took time 2 even right ur comment nobody cares bout if u don't like it ....... All I have 2 say

God>Music>Life - Amazing

Alright people honestly. its not like someone is forcing you to buy this song so stop writing whiny reviews about how Drake "messed up" this song. I admit the original is better. but isn't the original always better? Answer: No freaking duh. So there. if you like the original stick to the original. But if you enjoy the remix with a verse of Drake spitting some pretty meaningful things (my opinion), and him in the background every once in awhile. Hey, congratulations. your not missing out on this good song.

CedBRobin - Great Remix and negative reviews need to stop hating on Drake

This remix is perfectly fine and actually almost better than the original. Their voices complement each other very well. And all of you that don't like Drake and are saying things like he is not a real MC and other things, this is 2010. Things change hip-hop changes, and I think Drake and other new artist are setting the standards for the hip-hop industry, and it's only a matter of time before you guys stop hating and being critical or stay an old hag listening to old things your whole life, and your taste of music dies.

BIG C23 - Fire!

Da song is hot and you can hear Drake's vocals in the background. I do think that if Drake did a verse at the beginning he shld hav also had 1 at the end, that would have made this remix better. But gotta love Alicia Keys and Drake did a phenominal piece of writing so this 1 still gets 5 stars

Blaze688 - [email protected] What a hater has to say!!

For all the Drake haters, I just want ya'll to know that ya'll so sorry. Exactly what the game needs, a young flyboy that got lyrics for days and the swagger to keep brushing these haters off. It's breathe of fresh air seeing a kid do his thing with out acting like he's a certified gangster LOL!! Better than listening to GUCCI MANE.

codybg1986 - I was looking forward to this remix..

but just having Drake in the beginning and that's it is not cool.. he should have sang more. or don't make one at all.

2Snaps - Thank you !

Thank you for having real talent. Thank you for being able to sing with or without music. Thank you for not having AutoTune.

larkkkk - awesome song

People are freakin' idiots. so what if Drake has a verse to the song? If you weren't so ignorant you'd realize that he wrote the song & produced it for Alicia. You could even hear his vocals in the background. He's an awesome songwriter/rapper/singer. Give him some credit people.

andypeaches - To everyone said drake shouldn

You're forgetting that he WROTE IT. It's amazing, with or without the verse in the beginning.

Jsweet2 - U people....

Some of you say Drake is the worst rapper out there and ruins this song?!?!?!? I think you have lost your mind! No one is doing what Drake is doing right now. Quit hating, and learn what music is all about! This track is great!

wvu4eternity - drake

if nebody listens ta music and actully understands music n drake or if u dnt anyways thn u def need to hear and listen to his new cd. i think he'll sell a million n a week like Wayne.

$$ITUNEZ$$$ - i like the song w/ Drake on it :P

take a extremly well written and produced song and add one of the best rappers of our time and what do u get? UNTHINKABLE THE REMIX THATS WHAT! :-)

itsmimsiebaby - Not bad, but not fantastic

Love, Love, Love this song. I was a bit iffy when I first heard that there was a remix... And yes, I do agree, you'd expect a remix to be different, at least different lyrics, from the original version of a song, but these days... thats hard to expect. As for Drake blessing the song, some people are saying 'Why him?'. Well, even though I wasn't blown away/hyped, I think it's only right since he helped write the song, no? In other words, I would say that thing particular version of the song, is NOT a MUST.

First Name Money - I love everything Alicia Keys does!

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BigTex365 - The beat sucked!!

Drake's verse was great, but the beat was different on his verse (which sucked). That killed it for me. The beat for the rest of the song (& the original song) should've been the same for his verse also. That made it hard to feel this version.

Javii28 - Its just sad!!!

Great singers like her now in days ruine their style by doing songs with rapers like drake n lil wayne... Alicia keys was always in a unike level and the way she sings is lovely but when she does songs like this ones it makes you not wanna hear her other sonhs anymore... Theres no raper better than eminem now in days...

Kikula - Nice!!!

This is one of my favorites by Alicia. I love this song. The original version without Drake is better though. I gave this 5 stars cuz I love Alicia and I love the song, but artists you guys don't have to put a rap on every song, especially a beautiful one like this.

J-hunt da Prodigy - Amazing!!!

Drizzy already penned the hell out this joint, and Alicia's beautiful voice made it sound so angelic. And I like the remix even better because Drake steps in and adds a male perspective to the song, for all us men out there. I feel what he's saying here, he's once again telling a story, and has a very topic-based verse, great job to both Drake & Alicia!

Demanding Commander - Love Un-thinkable!

I love this song. Alicia is so beautiful. This and I Wanna Be by Nikkole are the hottess slow jamz out right now.


I guess since little Wayne is away we have Drake as hi substitute. NO. I was stay with the original.

Mynamesbettathanurs - Wow

I listen 2 mostly rap nd dis song is great, drakes verse owns the song. I dont get why this isn't on da top 200 yet

janizzledanizzle - Simply Amazing!!!!

This song is beautiful! The video takes the song to another level. Just listening to the song brings soo much passion to a relationship. Since the video deals with interracial relationships and different social statuses it reminds me of how my family didn't want me to marry my husband and as strange as it sounds help me to cope with my decision to marry anyway. it brings tears to my eyes every time i see it. Thanks Alicia for such an amazing song....keep on dropping the hot songs, and i will continue to buy every album!

AdonisSMU - Easily her best record and I don't even like her.

This record is simply amazing. I really love it. I have never liked any of her material in the past. Plus this song has meaning in my life right now. So that helps too....

Garr91352 - Yo

Drake could rap to sesame street and it would be hott! GP Style

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Album Name:
Un-thinkable (I'm Ready) [Remix] {feat. Drake} - Single
Artist Name:
Alicia Keys
Album Genre:
Album Price:
1.29 USD
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